Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health

The Helmholtz Zentrum München is the German Research Center for Environmental Health. We investigate the occurrence of the most common and widespread diseases on grounds relating to the interaction of lifestyle, environmental factors and personal genetic background. Our research is focused particularly on diabetes mellitus and chronic lung diseases.
As a research institution of the Federal Government and the Government of the Free State of Bavaria, we are a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers.
We have been granted for the fourth time the Total-E-Quality Award for successfully promoting and implementing gender equality. We attach special importance to the reconciliation of work and family life. That is why we offer a variety of flexible working models as well as a daycare facility for children on the campus. Since 2008, the Helmholtz Zentrum München is member of the Munich Dual Career Office.

Our dedication to human health is based on the adherence to five core values.

Appreciation means to recognize the achievements and the expertise of other people. Through candid feedback, we give colleagues an adequate acknowledgement of their performance and behavior.

Teamwork skills
By working together, we create synergies in order to solve major research questions. We are working within the scope of our tasks and opportunities and are supporting each other to work toward a common goal.

Responsibility implies dedication to the assigned tasks. We are prepared to consistently implement the decisions made and the assumed tasks. With clearly defined fields of responsibility and resources, we are working efficiently and with great personal commitment.

Integrity requires transparency in decision-making and open communication. This implies trustful cooperation and mutual loyalty. In addition, we strive to deal with the staff and the resources of the center with a strong sense of responsibility. We turn words into action as we stand up for our beliefs and consistently implement our decisions.

We demonstrate full commitment and are capable of facing up to the challenges of national and international competition in order to achieve a leading position in the international research community. We are open to new ideas and fulfil our working duties in a creative manner and at a high level of quality. In doing so, we use the available free space in order to achieve our objectives.

Areas of activity
As an employer, the Helmholtz Zentrum München offers an attractive and stimulating working environment for internationally competitive research as well as interesting positions in the administration and scientific management.

Scientific staff
Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, student assistants.

Project engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers.

Bioinformatics, informatics, webmasters.

Technicians/Master craftspeople

Technical assistants
Biological, chemical and medical laboratory technicians.

Business economists, human resource developers, advisors (legal professionals), coordinators, accounts payable, project managers, medical documentation specialists, office managers, merchants in all fields of qualification, (warehouse) logistics specialists, administrative professionals.

Animal care staff

Apprentices /Trainees
60 Apprenticeships and trainee positions are available for various qualifications in scientific and technical-administrative professions.

Job offers

Short facts


about 2.200 (2013)



The campus of the Helmholtz Zentrum München is located in Neuherberg (north of Munich). Further locations are situated to the south of Munich.


about 224 Mio. Euro (2013)






Sebastian Büttner
Helmholtz Zentrum München
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH)
Ingolstädter Landstraße 1
85764 Neuherberg

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