Successfully reach, inspire and secure the loyalty of applicants.

JobStairs for companies

JobStairs offers a package of services that is consistently geared to the needs of its partner companies.

Unlimited placement of job adverts

At JobStairs, you can place as many adverts as you like, and for as long as you want. At national and international level. And you benefit from free further distribution.

Presenting your company

Present your company profile on, and let your images and videos do the talking for you. Benefit from cross-marketing options, PR activities and online studies.

Attractive additional services

You can also benefit from JobVideos, our social media presence, mobile applications and the Training check.

Community Management

In consultation with us, decide on your strategy and marketing activities. Benefit from specialist presentations at our annual Community Meetings.

Connect your jobs using the XML interface

We can receive your job offers in HR-XML format

Annual subscription FLAT

We grant a 50% reduction on the annual flat rate for research & teaching posts.

Additional services

In addition to the job search option, JobStairs offers other attractive features too.

JobStairs InstantPage

Your own little CMS, which you can use to create landing pages for special occasions in a flash. Construct a fast, fully-functional recruiting landing page featuring your open positions quickly.

JobStairs BetterAds

Place better job ads - quickly and easily using AI. BetterAds analyses your titles and texts, then provides suggestions for improving your ads to achieve better range.

JobStairs Multi-Posting

Your ads are posted automatically on all channels, regardless of the recruiting system you use. Just 3.50 € per advertisement.


Additional communication channel geared towards target groups for job advertisements, videos, HR news from the company with an integrated "Jobsuche" (job search) app.

Channels for your job postings

JobStairs engages in target group-specific partnerships with selected portals to spread the word about your job vacancies.


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