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Take a look at our JobChannels. You can find current (and specially selected) invitations to apply for positions, along with job offers from German corporations and leading companies that you can apply to directly:

Pharma & Medicine

» Pharma & Medicine

Without absolutely no downside: attractive job offers for doctors and pharmacists.

There are really interesting fields of activity for qualified doctors, far removed from the world of hospitals, clinics and general practice. And also interesting entry-level options for pharmacists that don't involve working as a chemist. Alternative activities for both these target groups are mainly to be found in research and development. So if you see your professional future in the laboratories and offices of international pharmaceutical companies, on JobStairs you will find up-to-the-minute job offers for specialists with medical and pharmaceutical expertise. For example, you can systematically plan your entry to a career working on developing the latest pharmaceutical innovations.


» Digitalization

On the information highway to success: Jobs offering a promising future for digital pioneers.

The internet has become an integral part of everyday life and business. For this reason companies are constantly seeking digital talent, in all sectors and at all levels, from entry level through to senior management. But it’s not just IT specialists who are being sought out to promote the internet of things, develop Industry 4.0 solutions and establish new business models. Engineers in a range of fields and other forward-thinking digital entrepreneurs are also in demand. Would you like to help shape the digital future? JobStairs will direct you to appropriate positions with top German companies that are leading the way in the area of digitalisation.

Health & Care

» Health & Care

A focus on health: Diversified jobs for nursing and healthcare professionals.

A focus on people. Keeping the world healthy is a big job. From first responders to ambulance drivers and nurses – in professions that serve the greater good, passion and meeting daily challenges are the driving forces behind strong collaboration. There are unlimited opportunities for personal and professional development; the dynamic nature of these industries means regular training sessions and courses are essential. On JobStairs, applicants with a background in social services (and applicants looking to build their resumes in these areas) can learn about current job offers in their desired fields.

Volunteer Jobs

» Volunteer Jobs

Start spreading happiness: Volunteer jobs for socially engaged citizens.

As Austrian author Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach says: “If everyone would help others, everyone would be helped.” – an accurate description of what volunteer work does in our society. Many people need different kinds of special aid or assistance. You can become more socially engaged through regular volunteer work, a volunteer “social year” or as part of the Federal Volunteer Service, and experience appreciation for your everyday work. From patient transport to teaching or administration – the thanks you will receive for your work is more valuable than any salary. JobStairs offers many current open volunteer positions, and allows you to apply directly.


» Engineers

How it works: find current jobs for engineers and apply for them.

Whether your field is mechanical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, or process engineering, there are always good to very good career prospects for engineers in the high-tech industrial location of Germany. You might be deployed in development, or in the area of production, sales, or service. Large groups in particular offer various entry options for engineers on a national and international level, along with excellent development opportunities. This starts with internal programmes for the professional development of junior management, and extends as far as integration into management levels. At JobStairs, as a (prospective) engineer, you can find a wide selection of specialised job offers at selected top companies.

IT Specialists

» IT Specialists

Virtually automatically programmed: your career success in the field of IT

Today, the development opportunities in the field of IT are more varied than ever before. IT consultants, software developers and system integrators are reaping the benefits from the development of new technologies and change processes within the different industries. At the same time, the IT sector is expanding in general, not least because of growth factors like IT outsourcing, online-based services, and the increasing mobilisation of business processes in the IT industry. Competition in the IT sector is international, with the result that the market offers many opportunities for careers abroad in the sector. At JobStairs, IT professionals will find a large number of attractive job offers to choose from.

Natural Scientists

» Natural Scientists

Exactly what you’ve been looking for: interesting jobs for scientists.

Scientists play a key role in addressing the significant social challenges of the future. Whether you are a chemist, biologist or physicist, as a researcher, you not only establish the crucial basis for joint progress, both small- and large-scale. You also operate as an in-demand specialist in the different company divisions, on both national and international level. On JobStairs, applicants with a science background can find out about the latest job offers in their design field.

Sales & Marketing

» Sales & Marketing

Hard to resist: our job offers for motivated marketers.

Sales & Marketing channel the relevant business and product ideas, and place them on the markets, thereby ensuring enhanced attention and improved sales. For precisely this reason, there is always a demand for competent specialists in sales and marketing departments. Companies that operate both nationally and internationally offer excellent opportunities in this area that allow you to achieve great things in your profession. Exciting prospects for both people who are starting their careers, and professionals with experience under their belt. JobStairs helps you select the best job offers in this environment. It is clearly organised and efficient.

Finance & Controlling

» Finance & Controlling

It pays dividends: why not take a look at our job offers for all kinds of financial professionals.

Companies are only as successful as their financing permits them to be. The Finance and Controlling divisions are therefore the pillars that each business is built on – and this was just as true 100 years ago as it is today in the age of the online economy. For well trained and motivated applicants, the chances of beginning an exciting career have always been good. The reason is that there is always a demand for financial professionals in both good and bad (economic) times. With JobStairs, you can stay up-to-date on the most attractive offers and career opportunities. Always right up-to-date.

Purchasing & Logistics

» Purchasing & Logistics

Made to order: Ample career opportunities for purchasers and logistics experts.

Production is impossible without goods. The areas of purchasing and logistics are two of the most important components in any company’s manufacturing process: this is where a large number of business strands come together, and they need to be professionally coordinated and managed. So as a purchaser or logistics specialist, you can achieve a lot – both nationally and internationally – in a wide range of industries. JobStairs makes it easy for you to find and select the best job offers in this area. What’s more, the jobs are at some of Germany’s leading companies.

School-Leavers & Job Training

» School-Leavers & Job Training

Quick and easy: Starting your career. Together with JobStairs.
Are you about to finish school? Or have you perhaps already received your A-Levels or high school diploma and are now ready to join the working world?? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Regardless of whether you are interested in practical job training courses or a combination of job training and university studies, JobStairs makes available to you a wide variety of professional training offers. And not with just anyone, but with Germany’s "top companies"!


» Internships

Very practical: Collect initial professional experience at top companies.

Would you like to try out the professional environment while you are still studying, establish initial contacts, and get a look behind the scenes at leading companies? Then an internship would certainly be just the thing for you. After all, if you can combine theory with practice, become familiar with fascinating activities, and work on your own responsibility, it is bound to be of benefit when you start your career at some point in the future. At JobStairs you can find a wide range of internships at top companies in many different industries.