Find. Jobs. Easily. With “Job-Abo” of our new job subscription.

Our idea is to bring you the latest technology, the smartest tools and the best insider knowledge from our member companies. Always fair and transparent.

What's new about the “ Job-Abo”?

“Job-Abo” is short for Job-Abonnement – which means literaly job subscription.
And we made 1 out of 2. The best of the former AI-Match and Easy Job-Abo is now combined in our new “Job-Abo”. And the best thing about it: You don't need to sign up or register.

That’s because we don't want your data, we just want you to get the best chances with the top companies in Germany.

In nowadays labour market, what counts for companies is the quality of applications, consisting of many different criteria and preferences. The better your skills, criteria and references match the jobs of the companies, the higher are your chances to get the job. And to do this, the JobStairs AI continuously matches your criteria, preferences, and skills with the requirements of all JobStairs job openings, and you can automatically receive offers in the Job-Abo that are individually tailored to you.

This is how you create your individual “Job-Abo”.

From your personal criteria and preferences, such as language, location, function, industry or even your skills and competencies, such as degrees and skills, you can configure and create your “Job-Abo” in no time and choose between daily, weekly or monthly e-mail notifications.

Degrees include, for example, school or university degrees, but also further education and training or retraining, achievements from internships or additionally acquired knowledge and certificates.

Configurable skills include professional skills such as "Javascript", “accounting according to US GAAP", "advanced training in accounting, chamber of commerce ABC" or "language course in business English; level: C2, language school XYZ", etc.. Even your driver's license class. Everything that is important so that the JobStairs AI can match you with the potential requirements of the jobs and recruiters can quickly get a picture of you.

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