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When you're looking for the right job, not the first one you see.

Find top jobs from top companies based on your skills and our JobStairs AI.

Why are Jobs through JobStairs actually a Good Idea?

JobStairs is for all the individualists out there who are looking for the right job.
Not at any price, but at a top company and don't need the biggest job board in the world for that, but the right one.
With a direct link to the employer of your choice. Without the detour via crawlers, personnel or temporary employment agencies. Always fair and transparent. So that you can easily find your dream job. Or be found by it in a clever way.

Because JobStairs is not another soulless crawling mega job board. Why? Because since its founding in 2003 - as an initiative of around 40 DAX-listed companies - JobStairs has been a pioneering counter-model to other job boards.
Because instead of ordinary customers, only first-class members advertise on JobStairs. Those who prefer to invest in valuable candidates instead of overpriced job ads.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced technology, the smartest tools and the best insider knowledge of our member companies. For all the individualists out there looking for the right job.

Your individual Job-Abo

Based on your personal criteria and preferences, such as location, function, industry or even your skills and expertise, you can create your Job-Abo in no time. You can choose between daily, weekly or monthly e-mail notification. For the Job-Abo we don't even want your data.

Our Artificial Intelligence

The JobStairs AI matches your personal preferences with the requirements of all JobStairs job offers. This way, you can automatically receive offers in Job-Abo that are individually tailored to you. The better the matching of your criteria and preferences with the job postings of the companies, the more interesting your application will be for the respective company.

The JobStairs Quality Promise

What counts most for companies today is the quality of applications. That's why JobStairs is such a valuable recruiting channel for companies.
And that's exactly why you, as a JobStairs user, benefit from the top jobs and the direct channel into the recruiting systems of the top companies, which are connected via a certified interface.